What Is a Good Gift to Send to My Navy Boyfriend?

Sending a care package tells your Navy boyfriend you miss him.
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When you're dating a Navy man who is out to sea, it can be difficult to know what is the perfect gift to send him. More often than not, practical gifts are just as well received as sentimental ones. Care packages that contain both will make a sailor's time on the ship more comfortable and enjoyable.

1 Practical Supplies

Supplies are limited on the ship and sailors are always glad to get them in the mail. Gifts like sunglasses, socks, toiletries, games, books or the newest video game can help pass the time on board ship. A roll or two of toilet paper is always appreciated. Special items for a birthday or holiday could include favorite dry cereal, brownies or Christmas cookies.

2 Reminders of You and Home

Photos of you or his family, or newspaper clippings attached to a personal letter remind him that everyone is thinking of him. You can also send voice or video recordings of family gatherings or special events to help him feel included in activities back home. Small scrapbooks or a photo album with pictures and souvenirs from family and friends can go along way to making the ship feel more like home.

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