Jewish Housewarming Gifts

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There are many meaningful items you can give a Jewish family as a housewarming gift. Thanks to the many traditions that exist in the Jewish faith, there are plenty of items you can give that not only will have meaning, but also show that you respect and appreciate their faith.

1 Mezuzah

A mezuzah is a small case placed on the frame of the front door of a Jewish home. The case contains a scroll on which two passages from Deuteronomy are handwritten in Hebrew. According to tradition, each time you pass through the door, you kiss your fingers and touch the mezuzah, acknowledging your love for God and his commandments.

2 Bread, Salt and Sugar

A traditional Jewish housewarming basket contains "bread so that you shall never know hunger; salt, so your life shall always have flavor; sugar and so your life shall always have sweetness." The bread is often challah, the traditional Judaic bread, and salt is often represented by a salted snack or a container of Kosher salt. Sugar can be given in the form of wine, pastries or sugar.

3 Shabbat Candlesticks

No later than 18 minutes before sunset each Friday night, Jewish families light two Shabbat candles to celebrate the sabbath. There are a variety of styles of Shabbat candlesticks, including traditional, modern and even artsy.

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