Ordination Anniversary Gifts

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Priests celebrate the anniversary of their ordination. If you know a priest who will soon mark the date of his taking priestly vows, consider giving him a gift that he would never give himself. Ordination anniversaries follow the same gift protocol as secular wedding anniversaries. Look to anniversary guides by year for gift ideas for priests (See References 1).

1 Decorative Gifts

Stained glass plays with light.

Priests appreciate tasteful decor for their private quarters or communal areas. Give a priest a stained glass panel with a spiritual or religious theme, such as white doves, which symbolize the Holy Spirit. The multi-colored glass will catch the light, reflecting it in the room. The light representing the Holy Spirit will inspire him and refresh his comings and goings (See Resources 1).

2 Keepsake Books

Give a priest keepsake books to enjoy as the years pass.

Priests read all kinds of books for learning, reflection and relaxation. Give the priest you know an attractive book for his ordination anniversary. Leather-bound gift books will add grace to a priest's study and will provide lasting enjoyment. Add an engraved name and date to mark the occasion (See Resources 2).

3 Wine Basket

Wine makes an appropriate gift for a priest.

Consider giving a fine wine basket for his ordination anniversary. You can find wine baskets containing include just about any wine alongside wine complements, such as cheese or a corkscrew. If the priest you know enjoys wine and cooking, he will enjoy a wine basket that also contains the ingredients for a good meal, such as paella. He will enjoy sharing his bounty with the priests in his community.

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