How to Decorate a Car to Ask Someone to Prom

The decision of who to take to prom is an important one.

Prom is one of the biggest events, aside from graduation, that high school students look forward to near the end of their high school years. These students plan with whom they want to go, what to wear, where to eat and how to get there. Once you decide who you want to take to the prom, you have to ask. However, when you ask, you want your offer to stand out from everyone else's offers. Decorating a car to ask someone to prom can easily capture her attention.

Hang balloons from the radio antenna on the car. Choose your potential date's favorite color or purchase balloons that reflect his interests.

Wrap streamers around various car parts. For instance, wrap streamers around the radio antenna, around the license plates or through the door handles. If you have a key to the car or are using your own car to ask her, thread the streamers through the doors, trunk and hood so they hang out of the car.

Write on the windows with car window markers or shaving cream. Draw pictures of hearts, stars or another symbol that is meaningful to you and your potential date. Write "Will you go to prom with me?" on the windshield. Other invitation wording options include "Do me the honor of going to prom" or "Be mine for prom night." If you know the prom theme, incorporate it into your invitation message. For instance, if the theme is "under the stars," ask him to accompany you under the stars for a night to remember.

Slide a personal note or invitation under the windshield wipers if you want a less obvious approach to inviting her. You can still decorate the car, but instead of writing on the windows, use a handmade card or hand-written letter to ask her in a more intimate manner.

  • Offer to help him clean up his car so he can drive it home after he sees your invitation. It isn't safe to drive a car flowing with balloons and streamers with writing on the windows. Helping him clean up is a nice gesture whether he accepts or not.

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