A Stole of Gratitude is given by a college graduate to someone who has had a significant impact on his education. The stole is given in thanks for the help and encouragement that the person provided to the graduate throughout his education, and it shows that the graduate feels he would not have made it to graduation without that person's support. Many graduates, in presenting a Stole of Gratitude to a loved one, choose to adorn it with personal sentiments and decorations to create a keepsake for the recipient.

Step 1

Decide to whom you plan to present your Stole of Gratitude. It should be someone who has had a significant impact on your education, such as a parent or other family member.

Step 2

Think of what that person means to you and how you can express your appreciation for that person's support. Write these sentiments on paper to make sure you word them correctly before you write them on your stole.

Step 3

Write the sentiments you just thought of in neat handwriting on the stole, using your permanent or fabric markers. Take care not to press too hard with your markers. The ink might bleed and make things difficult to read.

Step 4

Have friends or family members sign the stole, if you wish, or write messages to the planned recipient.

Step 5

Choose to allow the stole's recipient to have some of the pins that commemorate your collegiate achievements. Pins from honor societies and clubs can be attached to the stole.

Step 6

Attach mementos and other decorations to the stole, if you have skills with embroidery or sewing. You also can embroider designs and words on the stole.