How to Get Him to Ask You to Prom

Be subtle or direct, but never clumsy, when you try to get a guy to ask you to prom.

Dances come and go, but the prom stands out as the must-attend social event in high school. Girls often want to make sure they're asked to the prom by that one special guy. Some guys, whether they're shy or scared of rejection, have difficulty asking girls out to such a major event. Knowing how to get a guy to ask you to prom can prove helpful not just in finding a date, but in making sure both of you have a fun and memorable time together as well.

Ask him on a date. Go on a casual date with him first. Go to dinner, a movie, a concert or for ice cream with a group of friends. Once he finds out how cute and fun you are, he may be more willing to ask you to prom.

Let him know you're available. Drop a hint that you're looking for a prom date while taking care not to sound desperate. Keep your conversation fun and casual to avoid any awkwardness.

Flirt with him to show interest. Smile at him when you see each other in class or in the halls. Let him know through nonverbal communication that you are interested in him and are not seeing anyone at the moment. This will help him feel more comfortable asking you to prom because he won't have to worry about being rejected.

Have one of your friends mention you to him. This will help you avoid rejection while allowing your friend to gauge his interest level in you. It could also help you find out whether he's interested in someone else or is planning on asking another girl to prom.

Ask what his plans are that night. This could help ease him into asking you out. Once he feels comfortable discussing his plans for prom night, he might feel more comfortable asking you to prom if he doesn't already have a date. Be prepared in case he tells you he already has a date for prom.

Ask him to prom. It doesn't hurt to ask him to prom yourself. He might like the idea of you asking him to prom and may accept your invitation.

  • Don't be afraid of rejection. If you are turned down, find someone else you would like to go to prom with.

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