What Is a Cute, Cheap, Stay-at-Home Romantic Date for Teenagers?

Skip costly movie tickets and turn the living room into a theatre.
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If you're a teen on a tight budget, your weekly allowance or pay check may not be enough to cover a night out with your sweetie. Instead, save your money for the prom and enjoy each other's company right in the comfort of your home. Simply create a budget-friendly, romantic atmosphere under your own roof or in your own backyard.

1 Indoor Pizza Picnic

Ask your parents for free range of the kitchen to prepare a pizza dinner together. Before you both get cooking in the kitchen, pick up your date and head to the supermarket. Hold your date's hand and scope the aisles to find affordable pizza ingredients and select the freshest vegetables in the produce section for toppings. When you get back home, shape the store-brought dough into a heart-shaped pizza together to add a romantic touch. Giggle together as you pretend to be chefs. Spread on the tomato sauce, sprinkle on mozzarella, place on the toppings and toss the pizza in the oven. While it's baking, dim the lights in the living room and place a blanket on the floor. Play soft music in the background and nibble on your homemade pizza together.

2 Romantic Movie Night

Don't worry about the cost of the movies, stay home and transform your living room into a movie theater. Beforehand, prepare a popcorn bar so you can enjoy some munchies. Dim the lights and cuddle up on the sofa. Scan your home movie library together or rent a few through an inexpensive movie service. You might want to choose a theme for the evening's movies, selecting two or three to watch. The themes will evoke different emotions in both of you. For example, if you both decide on romantic comedies, you'll laugh together as you watch two people fall in love and reflect on the time when you first met. Horror movies are an ideal choice if you both want to find protection in the each other's arms during the scary parts.

3 Backyard Camp Out

Spend a cool summer evening with your date under the stars. Spray on the bug repellent and start up a campfire in the backyard. Cuddle up with blankets together to stay warm and roast marshmallows over the fire to make smores. Share a few scary stories or recite romantic poems you wrote especially for each other. Additionally, pitch a makeshift tent by placing drop cloths over a rope and put a few comfy pillows inside. Hide out to watch movies on a tablet computer or laptop. After the movie, laugh together as you try to capture fireflies in glass jars or grab your date's hand and dance to a slow ballad on the radio. Before your date heads home for the night, end the evening by watching the night sky for twinkling and shooting stars.

4 Mocktail Bar Date

Though the nightclub scene is a few years away for the both of you, recreate the party atmosphere in your home. Beforehand, move the furniture aside in your family room for a dance floor and dim the lights to evoke a nightclub feel. Prepare a playlist of your favorite love songs. Invite your date to the kitchen to mix up non-alcoholic drinks with you. Simply blend your choice of fruit juices and crushed ice together in a blender. Pour into chilled glasses and garnish with apple or orange slices. Prepare a few bite-sized items to go along with the drinks, such as pigs-in-the-blanket and mini egg rolls. Then, head to your "nightclub" to dance the night away. Take a break every so often to sip on your drinks, grab a bite to eat and chat.

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