Fun Ideas to Rekindle a Couple's Love

Having unusual date nights can bring you back together.
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Whether it is your busy schedules or simply boredom, things are just not the same between you and your sweetie and your love for each other is no longer there. Fortunately, finding ways to reconnect can ultimately bring back the spark in your relationship. Engage in fun activities together to fall in love all over again and feel like the lovebirds you once were.

1 New Date Routine

Reinventing date nights can help you out of your usual rut, as suggested in the “Woman’s Day” article, “Reinventing Date Nights” by Andrea Atkins. Think of new dates out of the ordinary. Perhaps you can plan an evening based off a country you would like to visit, such as Italy. Bake pizza and watch an Italian-themed romantic comedy. Maybe you can plan an inner child date. Ride bicycles, swing on swings and eat lunch in the park. Alternatively, learn a new activity together. Enroll in a chocolate making class or beginning scuba diving lessons.

2 Back to the Beginning

Remind yourselves of your start as a couple to strengthen your love. Talking about the early stages of the relationship is helpful and can give you hope and motivation, explains Dr. Barbara Markway, writing for “Psychology Today.” Retrace your relationship journey up until now. Go back to the place where you first met. Visit the restaurant you ate at on your first date. Laugh about how nervous you both felt during your first time together. Plan to engage in the same type of entertainment. Additionally, share a kiss at the place where you shared your first kiss.

3 The Art of Surprise

Randomly plan surprises to let each other know your love is still strong, even when you are not together. Catch your sweetie off guard on an ordinary day that isn't a birthday or holiday. Surprise gifts are an uplifting act of love remembered for a long time, explains psychotherapist Barton Goldsmith in his “Psychology Today” article, “10 Ways to Create Magic in Your Relationship.“ Perhaps you can send a bouquet of roses to your girlfriend at her home or surprise your boyfriend with a home cooked candlelit meal. Maybe you can surprise your wife with tickets to see her favorite band live.

4 Romantic One-Day Getaway

The two of you can get out of your comfort zone and plan an exciting one-day trip. Changing up your scenery can be healthy for the both of you, as suggested in a "Glamour" magazine article. Perhaps you can head to the beach. Share a kiss on the sand and dip your feet in the ocean water. Maybe you can drive to a drive-in movie theater and cuddle up under the night sky. Alternatively, get in touch with nature. Stroll hand in hand at a botanical garden. Use your alone time to discuss what you love about each other.

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