Things to Do With Your Best Friend When You Are Bored and Stuck Indoors

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Whether rain or snow, the inclement weather has caused you and your best friend to halt your outside activities for now and head inside. Fortunately, while you both are stuck indoors, you can still have fun. The best way to combat boredom is to find new challenges and interesting things to do, explains psychologist Marcia Reynolds on the Psychology Today website. Several types of fun activities can beat the boredom blues for the both of you.

1 Get Your Game On

Engage in a friendly competition with your best friend. Bring out a series of card and board games ideal for two players. Center the game night around a theme. Perhaps you can play a few classic games. Think Monopoly, Scrabble or Uno. Maybe you can get in touch with your inner child with Candy Land or Operation. If you have enough space in your home, you and your friend can play Twister. The person who has the highest scores from all the games is the winner. Think of a prize the loser can give the winner; perhaps a favor, such as cleaning her car or room.

2 Movie Marathon Night

Transform your living room into an at-home movie theater. Dim the lights and hit the couch with some popcorn. You and your best friend can scan your home library for movies or order films through a movie service. Consider ordering films neither of you have seen before. As a fun idea, find printable movie trivia games online to coincide with the films and answer questions as you watch. Or, watch several of each other's favorite film genres. Perhaps you love sci-fi flicks while your best friend adores romantic comedies. Alternate between the two genres for a movie mix up.

3 Top Chef: Best Friends Edition

You and your best friend can pretend you are world famous chefs. With your parents' permission, turn your kitchen into a battle ground for a cooking competition. Use ingredients you have on hand and get ready to see who can prepare the tastiest dish. Perhaps you both can make your best lasagna or meatloaf. If you both love to bake, have a dessert competition instead. See who can make the best chocolate chip brownies. Create a scoring system based on taste and texture of the foods. Enlist family members as judges. The loser will have to clean up all the dishes.

4 Explore the Science World

Several science experiments can be done by you and your best friend right in your home kitchen. Printable experiment instructions can be found online. Select experiments that interest the both of you. If you and your best friend are into prehistoric history, perhaps you can make a miniature volcano. Maybe you and your best friend enjoy learning about the weather. Recreate a tornado or rain cloud in a water bottle or make your own snow or glacier. You and your best friend can also be food chemists. Learn how to make homemade butter or fizzy soft drinks through fun experiments.

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