What Color to Paint Toenails With Silver Rhinestone Shoes

Envision a red carpet when picking a classic red polish to pair with silver.
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Silver shoes decked out with glittering rhinestones may whisk you to a strobe-lit nightclub, a candlelit dinner or down the aisle in a bridal party. For such special occasions, choose your toenail polish carefully. With the right colors, you can create a look that's sleek and sophisticated, full-out glam or ferociously fun-loving. Get ready to kick up your heels after picking your perfect pedicure shade.

1 Barely There

If you really want to ensure that your shoes take center stage, keep your toes demure. This doesn't mean a boring pedicure, though. A nude shade of polish with pink instead of yellow undertones makes your foot a classy canvas for bright footwear. A cool white creme or frost gives your nails a chic, wintry air when paired with silver tones. A barely there pastel is a sweet upgrade from a neutral palette and can add a hint of surprise to your look. Go for baby blue toes, an icy mint shade or a cool lavender in a frost or creme formula.

2 Heavy Metals

With so much gleam and glitter going on south of your ankles, a metallic polish to complement silver shoes may seem like overkill. A tasteful metallic shade, however, can add a sleek monochromatic edge to the look or give it an unexpected twist. Pearl-hued metallic nails pay homage to the rhinestones and highlight the crystals. An antique gold shade with cool undertones helps you experiment with metallics without looking like a total mismatch. For just a hint of variety, try a silver polish with tiny flecks of gold in the formula.

3 Strike It Red

A cherry red pedicure set off by the sparkle of silver and rhinestones evokes old Hollywood glamour. Just make sure that you don't pick a shade of red that looks odd against the coolness of silver; avoid a coral polish or any red with an orange base. Pick a classic red or a pinkish shade with blue undertones. A super-dark burgundy can give a vampy edginess to the Cinderella-like shoes. A creme formula instead of a glittery polish will keep your look more Oscars and less after-party.

4 Pink Lady

Pink nails convey everything from a ladylike air to girlish fun, and the range of shades you can match with silvery shoes can be one step away from nude or an eye-popping bright. A frosty light pink gives your look a princess feel, while a creamy mauve shade lends bejeweled shoes a sophisticated downtown vibe. A classic bubblegum shade gives the shoes a lighthearted, fun feel. A frosted fuchsia polish complements the rhinestones with its own rich jewel tone. Work with the coolness of the shoes and err toward polishes with blue undertones, instead of a shade that pulls toward the coral end of the pink spectrum.