Church Foyer Bulletin Board Ideas

What do visitors see when they enter your church?

The bulletin board is often the first thing guests notice when entering the foyer of a church. It informs, entertains and showcases the church. Regular church members also enjoy checking the information offered on the bulletin board. From pictures and artwork to more practical, informative ideas, the items on your bulletin board will delight and educate those who enter your church.

1 Meet the Staff

Introduce your church staff to visitors and members alike. Place photos of each staff member on the bulletin board. Next to the picture include a brief bio with basic information, including job title, description and duties. Add the person's favorite verse or quote and office contact info. If there is enough room, include some of your regular volunteers, ushers and Sunday school teachers.

2 Calendar of Events

Use the entire bulletin board as a calendar. Highlight upcoming events, classes, outreaches and parties on the calendar, with a glimpse into next month's events. This calendar is useful to members who can jot down important dates on their personal planners and gives visitors a peek into the regular flow of occurrences within your congregation.

3 Scripture Focus

Tie the bulletin board into the sermon series or one or more Sunday school themes. Post verses the children are memorizing. Pose questions linked to the teachings along with verses and quotes that guide people to sound, doctrinal answers.

Another idea is to post different types of Bible reading plans. Post one for teens that give them a general idea of what each chapter means. Post yearly readings or two-year plans that allow people the time to study along with each chapter and verse. Include a three-month Bible reading plan for those who prefer to read through the Bible in much the same way they read a novel.

4 Prayer Wall

Turn your church foyer bulletin board into a prayer wall. Place cutouts of praying hands on a faux wall of colored bricks. Place a small card at the base of each set of praying hands so people can write their prayer requests and/or names on them. These hands serve as reminders for church members to pray for one another and perhaps even reach out in practical ways to their church family. Encourage those who use the praying hands to remove them as their prayers are answered.

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