Pentecost Worship Ideas

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A Pentecost worship service can be a very joyful and inspirational time. It is recognized as the day that the Holy Spirit descended from heaven to dwell inside believers and empower them to become disciples and live a separated life. Pentecost worship incorporates symbolism representing the movement of the invisible Spirit of God, the flames of the Holy Spirit, active evangelism, the number 50, and giving of “first fruits” in the form of finances and personal goods.

1 Colors and Decorations

During the Pentecost worship service, use the color red to represent the flames of fire. You can include the color in candles and flowers upon the altar, add a red carpet runner down the center aisle, and cut out pieces of red felt shaped as flames and attach them to pews. Involve the choir and clergy members by having them wear red stoles on their shoulders.

2 Music

Music is an integral part of the Pentecost worship experience. Incorporate solo musicians into the worship service, playing the flute or woodwind instruments, to represent the wind of the Spirit on the day of Pentecost. Ask the music director to lead the congregation in songs pertaining to the Holy Spirit, such as “Every time I feel the Spirit” or “Holy Spirit, Thou art welcome.”

3 Activities for the Congregation

It is important to involve members of the congregation in the Pentecost worship service. You can organize a processional with colorful banners representing the nations of the world that heard the message on the day of Pentecost. A popular activity is to have a dramatic presentation of the Trust Walk. Ask one person to wear a blindfold while another participant leads him across the room. Discuss how this experience demonstrates trust in the leadership of the Holy Spirit. Another symbolic processional could involve 50 members carrying “First Fruits” in baskets, represented by artificial or real fruit, vegetables, ribbons and flowers. If possible, present scripture readings in multiple languages.

4 Youth Ministry

Plan Pentecost worship service activities for the young people in the congregation as well. Provide helium-filled balloons to the children along with markers to write a word that represents the Holy Spirit. You can attach a note to the string of each balloon with a scripture passage or an invitation to visit your church. Then release the balloons at the end of the service. Use red crepe paper or fabric to create streamers to represent the flames that descended on the day of Pentecost. Cover a section of a wall with paper and let the children draw images representing people from around the world.

Based in Cleveland, Barbara Howard began her writing career in 2007 and published her children's book, "A Day for the Animals," in 2008. Howard studied political science at Kent State University and is a graduate of World Harvest Bible College, where she earned a diploma in Biblical studies.