Activities for Teens Who Are Boyfriend & Girlfriend to Do in the Spring

Avoid the summer crowds and enjoy a springtime amusement park date.
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The arrival of springtime offers teenage couples the opportunity to spend special moments together. Flowers are blossoming, days are longer and the weather is perfect for two young lovebirds to get close to each other. If you're in a teen relationship, prepare activities you both will enjoy doing at this romantic time of year.

1 Have a Picnic Date

The crisp weather and the blooming trees at a local park will offer the perfect setting for a teen couple's date. Simply pack a romantic lunch of heart-shaped sandwiches and chocolate-dipped fruit and then head to the park. You'll have to skip champagne until you're of age, so bring along sparkling lemonade as an alternative. For fun, stroll through the park holding hands while admiring the beautiful aspects of the spring season, such as the cherry blossoms and chirping birds. Toss pieces of bread into the duck pond and laugh together as the creatures nibble them up. Bring along bicycles to cycle around the park and delight in the cool spring breeze.

2 Go Strawberry Picking

Strawberries are in their peak season during the spring months, giving you and your sweetheart the ideal time to go fruit picking. Change into old clothes, slather on sunscreen and head to a local orchard on a warm morning. Grab one of the orchard's picking containers and scope the patch for the freshest strawberries. A guide may be on the premises to teach you how to properly pick the strawberries, though you can also research beforehand. When you're done harvesting, head back home and put the strawberries to good use. Wash them off and create all kinds of strawberry creations for each other, such as strawberry smoothies and strawberry pie.

3 Get Amusement Park Thrills

Several amusement parks are already open for season in late May or early June. Take advantage of the late spring weather to enjoy all the park rides without the usual long lines of summer crowds. Find the park's scariest roller coaster and get up the guts to go on in together. You'll both embrace each other as you ride through the coaster's twists and turns and play the protector roles. After catching a ride on the Ferris wheel, head to the park's fun house for more thrills and chills. Look at yourselves in the distorted mirrors, watch out for moving floors and encounter all the surprises in the house that will frighten the both of you. End the day by snacking on cotton candy and soft pretzels.

4 See Animals at the Zoo

The cold weather in the winter and the scorching temperatures in the summer months can stop a teen pair from thoroughly enjoying the zoo. The springtime season, on the other hand, offers a balanced time for you to see all your favorite animals. Pick a sunny day to hold hands and stroll through the zoo together. You both can decide to go to specific animal habitats or spontaneously walk through the entire zoo. Take pictures together, stare in awe at the exotic animals and read description boxes about the animal's natural habitat life. See if the zoo is offering any new or rare animal exhibits, such as newborn bear cubs. If you both get tired of walking, grab some ice cream cones and rest on a bench to enjoy the spring breeze.

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