Snow-day activities add to the thrill of mugs of hot chocolate and catching giant snowflakes on your tongue.

The roads are closed, the snow is piled high, and your kids are ready to have a whole day of fun with you. While a snow day can initially seem splendid, it quickly loses its romance after you and your little ones have made your snowman, staved off frostbite, and are already stir-crazy before lunch. By having a list of snow-day activities in your mommy toolbox, you’ll bust boredom and sneak in some invaluable bonding.


Pull out the cookie cutters, baking sheets, bowls, wooden spoons, measuring cups, rolling pins and frosting. Baking is a fun way to help your kids practice following directions and counting, and also get some physical activity (rolling dough with little arms is no easy feat). Give each child a timer when the cookies are in the oven and bring out the frosting once the baked treats have cooled. If you have all the ingredients, make a snowman-shaped pizza for dinner; let each child put the toppings of his choice on a section of the snowman. As you work in the kitchen, play your family's favorite kids' songs to incorporate all the senses into the activity and work out some extra cabin-fever wiggles.

Movie Marathon

Go through your movie collection with your children and hold a kids' film festival in your den or living room. A movie marathon isn't complete, however, without an awesome fort. So position a few chairs, get out some big bedsheets for the floor and the fort's roof, and put large pillows and beanbag chairs on the fort's floor. Your kids will love the special movie-watching hangout.

Bird Feeding

It's normal for young kids to worry about wildlife when the weather is frigid. By making a homemade bird feeder, you can pass the time, help nature and ease your little one's concerns. Help your kids string a piece of yarn around the top of a pinecone or through a bagel's hole. Cover the pinecone or bagel with peanut butter, and then have the kids roll the bagel or pinecone in a bowl of birdseed to coat the new feeder. Hang the bird feeder in a tree that your little ones can see from a window in your home. If you don't have birdseed, you and your children can string together popcorn and berries. When you're done, have the kids lay the popcorn garland across some tree branches or on a bush.

‘Snow Day Only’ Arts and Crafts

As you spot good deals on arts and crafts, start building up your craft arsenal with activities that you only bring out on snow days. By saving them for such an event, you ensure that the crafts will be new, exciting and special to your little ones. Make the projects even more fun by keeping them a surprise. Projects that are fun for snow days include making masks out of foam or puppets out of brown paper lunch sacks, digging into new coloring books, opening a fresh package of sculpting clay, or using paints made specifically for coloring snow.