Reset your Cricket LG phone to factory defaults if you don't know your Google account information.

Cricket Wireless offers a few models of Android-powered LG phones, such as the LG Optimus C and the Optimus Regard. If you locked your LG Cricket phone, and you forgot your password and your Google account information, you can unlock the device with a hard reset using a combination of device keys. A hard reset deletes all of your data, accounts and media, and returns your device to factory defaults. You can then set up a new Google account for your device. Check the user guide for your phone to find precise instructions for performing a hard reset with your model.

LG Optimus Regard

Perform a hard reset on the LG Optimus Regard by first turning off the phone. Press and hold the “Power” and “Volume Down” keys until you see the LG logo. Release both keys when the menu appears. Press the “Power” key to initiate the reset, then press “Power” once again to confirm. The device turns off, then powers back on. The phone is returned to factory default settings.

LG Optimus C

To perform a hard reset on the LG Optimus C, turn off the phone, then press and hold the “Power,” “Home” and “Volume Down” buttons until the LG logo appears. Release all keys when the LG logo displays. Scroll to the “Factory Reset” option using the Volume Down key, then press “Power” to select. Press “Power” again to confirm. The Optimus powers off, then back on. The device is restored to factory settings.