To browse the Internet, download books, watch movies and play some games, your Kindle Fire uses a wireless connection to access the Internet. Kindle Fire automatically detects available wireless networks and remembers previously accessed ones, but you may have to open Kindle's settings and allow access or enter a network password to connect the device to a new network.

Step 1

Swipe your finger down from the top of the Kindle Fire's screen to display the "Quick Settings" feature. Tap "Wireless." If "Airplane Mode" setting is on, tap the toggle bar to turn it off.

Step 2

Tap "Wi-Fi" to connect to an available network. Most public "hot spot" networks such as those available at libraries, convenience stores and coffee shops usually require no password. To connect to a public hot spot, tap the name of the network you wish to join. Kindle Fire will automatically connect after a few moments.

Step 3

Tap "Wi-Fi" to connect to your home wireless network. If your network is password-protected, the Wi-Fi icon will display a small lock icon indicating that it is accessible only with a network password. This password is not the same as your Amazon account password. Enter the network password and tap the "Connect" button. Kindle Fire will automatically connect within a few moments.