Can I Use My Blackberry Torch as a Wi-Fi Hot Spot?

A mobile hotspot can be beneficial when you travel.
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You can use your BlackBerry Torch as a Wi-Fi hotspot to provide wireless connectivity to up to five other devices as long as your data plan covers the Wi-Fi hotspot service and your Torch is a model 9810 or above. The BlackBerry Torch 9800 series does not have the Mobile Hotspot app installed by default.

1 Enable Mobile Hotspot Mode

2 Tap the Manage Connections icon

Tap the “Manage Connections” icon in the BlackBerry Torch home screen to open the Connections menu.

3 Tap

Tap the “Mobile Hotspot” check box to enable the service. The Set Mobile Hotspot Password dialog box displays.

4 Type a password for the mobile hotspot connection and then tap

Type a password for the mobile hotspot connection and then tap “OK.” Mobile Hotspot mode is now enabled.

5 Enable Hotspot Wi-Fi

6 Tap the Status bar

Tap the “Status” bar from the home screen on the Torch. The Status menu displays.

7 Tap the Mobile Hotspot option in the Status menu

Tap the “Mobile Hotspot” option in the Status menu. The Password prompt displays.

8 Type the device password and then tap

Type the device password and then tap “OK.”

9 Tap the Network and Connections tab

Tap the “Network and Connections” tab to open the Network and Connections menu.

10 Tap Mobile Hotspot Connections

Tap “Mobile Hotspot Connections” and then tap “Options.” The Mobile Hotspot Options screen opens.

11 Configure the Wi-Fi hotspot with a security type and password

Configure the Wi-Fi hotspot with a security type and password. Rename the hotspot if desired and then click the “Back” key.

12 Tap the Save option

Tap the “Save” option to save your settings. The Torch is now ready to provide Wi-Fi connections to up to five devices.

  • Information provided in this article applies to the BlackBerry Torch, model 9810 and above. Instructions may vary slightly or significantly for other BlackBerry devices.
  • Set WEP, WPA or WPA2 security for the mobile hotspot to require users to enter a password to connect.

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