How to Tell Your Girlfriend You Love Her Without Saying "I Love You"

There are ways to show your girlfriend that you love her without saying the words.
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When it comes to romantic relationships, actions can speak louder than words. Showing your girlfriend you love her may mean more to her than simply hearing the words. According to the article "Love and Romance" on, the ability to feel romantic love starts to develop during the teen years and has the following three components: attraction, closeness and commitment. As your relationship with your girlfriend grows, you will learn more about her and ways to show her how much you love her without having to say it.

1 Share a Laugh

When you and your girlfriend are able to laugh together about something, it shows your love and brings you closer. Laughing at her jokes -- even if they're not all funny -- shows her you think she is awesome, no matter what. When you are together, try to find humor in situations and create inside jokes that only the two of you share. Finding ways to make her laugh out loud creates a fun atmosphere and fond memories.

2 Lend a Listening Ear

Taking the time to really listen to your girlfriend is another way to demonstrate your love. When she is excited about good news, share her joy and help her celebrate. When she is upset, let her vent about her troubles and concerns. When you listen without casting judgment or acting like her feelings are silly, she knows she can count on you. By keeping her deepest secrets, you prove she can trust you.

3 Leave Your Comfort Zone

Performing acts of kindness like opening the car door or carrying books are standard fare for a boyfriend. You really let your feelings of love shine when you do something for your girlfriend that is completely random and unexpected. Maybe putting together a meal, when cooking isn't your thing, or letting her teach you how to braid so you can fix her hair. Even if your efforts are an epic fail, the fact that you made the effort to do something outside of your comfort zone is sure to impress.

4 Create Grand Plan

Most girlfriends expect something big from their significant other for occasions like Valentine's Day, Christmas or the anniversary of when you started dating. You can really wow her and show your love by doing something big for no reason. Remember that it's not about the amount of money you spend, it's the time and effort you put into it. You can create a special song list or make her a cute video. Try picking some wildflowers to make a bouquet or create a photo collage with some of your favorite memories.

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