Does It Mean He Likes Me if He Asks His Friend to Talk to Me?

Sending a messenger is a sure sign of interest.
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The guy you've had your eye on hasn't approached you -- but his best buddy has. In the course of the conversation he asks, "So, what do you think about Rob?" If this happens, it's a sure bet that his friend has either asked him to find out how you feel about him or his buddy has simply taken the initiative to find out for himself after hearing his friend go on and on about how much he'd like to ask you out. Either way, the chances are good that he likes you.

1 He's Definitely Checking You Out

You can tell a guy likes you if you catch him checking you out, says dating expert Christie Hartman, Ph.D., on her personal website. Sometimes, she adds, guys like to check out somebody on the sly. This is exactly what's happening when a guy asks his friend to talk to you on his behalf. His friend is testing the waters to see if his buddy has a chance. After all, the idea of a face-to-face rejection can be pretty intimidating. If you're interested, take the bait and say, "Your friend is an interesting guy. Next time you stop by, bring him along."

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