Signs a Girl Wants You to Leave Her Alone

Acting aloof and unapproachable is a major signal for you to stay away.
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If the opposite sex seems like they're sending you mixed signals, understanding the signs that a girl throws off when she wants you to leave her alone is key. Whether you aren't sure if you're acting too clingy with your girlfriend or you don't know whether to approach a cute girl when you're out with your friends, picking up on the subtle -- and sometimes not so subtle -- signs can make the difference between acting cool or like a fool.

1 Body Language

Reading another person's body language is a prime way to tell how she really feels, according to the TeensHealth section of the KidsHealth website. By the time that you reach the teen and young adult years, you should begin to develop the emotional intelligence to understand physical signals that a girl displays when she doesn't want you near her. The most obvious one is turning her back to you. For example, if you approach a girl that you see at a club and she turns away from you to talk to her friends, it's likely that she isn't interested. Other body language signs that signal a negative reaction include creating a physical space or distance -- such as stepping back a few paces when you approach her -- or crossing her arms in front of herself.

2 Listen Up

It's possible that a girl is literally telling you that she doesn't want you near her, or that she's just not into you, without you even realizing it. Listening skills are essential to reading and understanding other people's emotions and building healthy relationships. Listen to what the girl in question is saying to you, searching her words for signs that she isn't interested. For example, if you ask the cute girl in your Spanish class to go out and she says she "might be busy" or may have to "stay home to do some house cleaning," it's unlikely that she wants you around.

3 Featuring Her Face

When a girl's body language and words aren't enough to show you that she wants you to leave her alone, look to her face for more clues. Facial expressions provide insight into what is going on in her mind and may signal that she doesn't want you near. If a girl has a scowl on her face, is clenching her jaw with a grimace or rolls her eyes when you speak, it may signal that it's time for you to make your exit.

4 Respect Lost

Showing respect to your romantic partner is a sign of a healthy relationship. If your girlfriend suddenly stops respecting you, she may not want you around her anymore. For example, if you tell her how excited you are that you got the lead in the school play or a major promotion at work and she exclaims, "Who cares? Not me!" her lack of respect for your feelings may demonstrate that she wants you to leave her alone.

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