How to Tell If a Woman Wants to Kiss You

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When it comes to dating a new woman, one of the most stressful, but exciting, moments is the first kiss. Depending on the woman, the first kiss can take place on the first date while others prefer to wait much longer. Perhaps the best way to tell if a woman is ready for the first kiss is by her body language and overall general attitude toward you. While there is no completely foolproof way to determine if she wants a kiss, there are some signs that might indicate when she's ready.

1 Take a mental note of her eye contact

Take a mental note of her eye contact with you. Eye contact is a good indicator that she finds you interesting and has a general attraction toward you.

2 Pay attention to her mannerisms

Pay attention to her mannerisms. If she seems giddy and full of smiles, it's a good sign that she is attracted to you. Also, if she leans toward you while you talk, it might be an indicator of interest.

3 Touch her hands

Touch her hands, arms or shoulders while you talk to her. It's a good sign if she smiles and seems comfortable with your actions. However, if she pulls away, tenses up or looks uncomfortable in any way, you should take it a little more slowly.

4 Ask her

Ask her if she wants to go somewhere after the initial date, such as a coffee shop or a movie. She is likely attracted to you if she seems eager to extend the date.

5 Hug her

Hug her and pay attention to her body language. If she pulls you in tightly and seems to embrace the hug, it's a good sign. On the other hand, if she seems to tense up or lean back, it is probably best not to kiss her.

6 Ask her-2

Ask her if she wants a kiss if you still aren't sure. Many women will appreciate the respect, and it might even increase the chance for a kiss.

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