How to Know When Your Crush Is Waiting to Be Asked Out

Use humor to see if your crush has any interest in you.
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You've spent hours pining over the cute girl in your chem class or sweet guy who works at the local coffee house. While your interest is more of a crush than a real romance, it's possible that the object of your affection feels the same way about you. Knowing when your crush is waiting for you to ask her out can help to eliminate some of the stress that you're feeling and move the dating process along.

1 Spill the Secret

Crushing on a guy doesn't mean that you have to keep your feelings hidden. If you want to know if your crush feels the same way that you do, tell him. Although you may feel passionately about the object of your affection, avoid going overboard. Don't use a word such as love, suggests psychologist Carl Pickhardt on the "Psychology Today" website. Instead, tell your crush that you like spending time with him and see what he says. If he brushes you off or seems annoyed, end it there. Otherwise, he may be waiting for you to make the first move.

2 Social Circle

Approaching your crush may seem like a scary proposition. If you can't muster up the courage to talk to her, try asking one of her friends. When your crush has an interest in you, chances are that her close social circle will know. While you don't want to bother or hound her friends asking too many questions, a simple, "Did Janey mention anything about me?" or "Do you think that she wants me to ask her to the fall dance?" will do.

3 Crystal Ball

Although it's unlikely that you're psychic, you don't need a crystal ball to predict someone else's feelings. By mentally putting yourself in someone else's shoes you can imagine how he feels, suggests the TeensHealth website. Predict how your crush feels by thinking about what he would do if you asked him out. This doesn't mean fantasizing about the situation. Instead, consider his realistic perspective based on how he already acts towards you. For example, if a smile quickly crosses his face every time that you walk into the room, he may feel happy about you asking him out.

4 Body Language

Talking isn't the only way to tell if your crush wants you to ask her out. If you want to know how she feels but aren't ready to outright ask, take a look at her non-verbal communication cues. For example, constant eye contact may indicate a sense of affection, asserts mental health expert Christy Matta on PsychCentral. Likewise, if your crush moves closer towards you when you two are talking, she may have an interest in you too.

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