After creating two failed Web projects, the developers of Bloglovin posed an intriguing question: what if people could visit one site that notified them when their favorite bloggers wrote something new? A couple of weeks later, Bloglovin sprang to life, allowing users to track favorite blogs and discover new ones. The site is free to join and you can keep track of your favorite blogs on the go by installing the Bloglovin mobile app.

Step 1

Visit the Bloglovin website, click "Sign up with Email" and follow the instructions to create a new account. If you'd rather sign in using Facebook, click "Sign up with Facebook" and log in using your Facebook account. During the sign-up process, the site asks you to follow several blogs to get started.

Step 2

Click "My Feeds" after you create your account. Your feeds page is the activity hub where you manage your account and view short summaries from the most recent posts of blogs you've followed. Scroll through the list of blog summaries and click one to view the full blog post. Repeat this process to view other posts you find interesting.

Step 3

Type a search query in the "Search Blogs" search box and press "Enter" to view a list of blogs that match your query. For instance, if you type "movies," you'll see a list of movie blogs. Click "Follow" next to blogs you'd like to follow.

Step 4

Click "Find Blogs" to view a list of categories such as Entertainment and Fitness." Click a category to view a list of blogs in that category and then click "Follow" next to the ones you want to follow.

Step 5

Click "Get App" on your feed page if you'd like to add the Bloglovin app to your Android or iOS device. You'll visit a page where you can download the app from Google Play or the Apple App Store.