How to Check Twitter Activity

Manually keeping track of peoples' activity is time-consuming.
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Keeping track of what people you follow are posting on Twitter can be difficult, especially when you're following dozens or hundreds of people. To help you quickly view the retweets, favorites and follows of people you're following, Twitter has created the Activity page. All retweets, favorites and follows are displayed on this page, along with the names of the users who posted them. You can check this information with a few mouse clicks, if you know where to find the Activity page.

Log in to your Twitter account and then click the "#Discover" tab near the top of the page. From the Discover tab, you can view the best tweets on Twitter and the activity of people you follow. You can also find interesting people to follow, find your friends by importing contacts from your email address book and find the most well-liked Twitter accounts.

Click the "Activity" tab to view the activity of people you follow. All the latest favorites, retweets and follows are highlighted on this page. The Activity page is similar to Facebook's news feed.

To view more information, click the "Tweets," "Who to Follow," "Find Friends" or "Popular Accounts" tab. Otherwise, click the "Home" button to return to your Twitter profile.

  • Retweets from people who have chosen to protect their tweets will not appear on the Activity page.
  • Use the Activity page to see what interests people. You will probably find a lot of engaging things, especially if the people you're following have the same interests as you do.
  • The Activity feature was introduced by Twitter in August 2011.

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