How to Transfer Outlook Notes to a Smartphone

To prevent data loss or corruption on your iPhone, avoid syncing Outlook data across multiple computers simultaneously.
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The iPhone and certain models of BlackBerry smartphone can sync directly with Microsoft Outlook using iTunes or BlackBerry Desktop Software, respectively, but to transfer content from your profile to your Android device, you must export your data to a plain-text format. The Import and Export Wizard in Microsoft Outlook will convert your notes to comma-separated values, a file type supported by most productivity software. After you complete the wizard, you can import the CSV file into the app of your choosing.

1 Sync to iPhone

2 Connect your iPhone to your computer

Connect your iPhone to your computer. Enter your pass code using the on-screen keypad, if applicable.

3 Open iTunes

Open iTunes and then select "Show Sidebar" from the View menu to display the sidebar.

4 Select your iPhone

Select your iPhone from under Devices in the Source pane and then click the "Info" tab.

5 Check Sync Notes

Check "Sync Notes with" and then choose "Outlook" from the associated drop-down menu.

6 Click Apply to copy the notes

Click "Apply" to copy the notes from your computer to your iPhone.

7 Sync to BlackBerry

8 Download and install BlackBerry Desktop Software

Download and install BlackBerry Desktop Software from the BlackBerry website (link in Resources).

9 Connect your smartphone

Connect your smartphone to your computer and then open BlackBerry Desktop Software.

10 Select Organizer

Select "Organizer" from the menu and then click "Configure" next to Memos.

11 Set

Set "Sync Direction" to "One Way to Your Device Only" and then choose "Microsoft Outlook" from the "Memos Account" drop-down menu.

12 Click Configure and then choose your Outlook profile

Click "Configure" and then choose your Outlook profile from the options.

13 Click Close

Click "Close," then "OK." Check "Memos" and then click "Sync" to copy your notes to your BlackBerry.

14 Export to Android

15 Open Microsoft Outlook

Open Microsoft Outlook, select "Open & Export" from the options on the File tab and then click "Import/Export" to launch the Import and Export Wizard.

16 Select Export

Select "Export to a File" as the action to perform and then click "Next." Select "Comma Separated Values (Windows)" as the file format to export to and then click "Next."

17 Choose the Notes folder

Choose the "Notes" folder and then click "Next." Connect your Android device to your computer and then click "Browse."

18 Select your smartphone

Select your smartphone from under Computer in the left pane and then enter a file name for the exported data.

19 Click OK

Click "OK," click "Next" and then click "Finish" to copy the notes to your Android device.

  • BlackBerry Desktop Software is not compatible with smartphones running BlackBerry OS 10 or later. You must use BlackBerry Link instead, which allows you to sync only contacts and calendar events.
  • To sync your data from Microsoft Outlook to your Android device, you must use a third-party app like mOffice, Outlook Synced Note or Missing Sync for Android (links in Resources).

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