Customize your text and phone ringtones on the Samsung Stratosphere.

Set a different ringtone for phone calls and incoming SMS and MMS messages on your Android-powered Samsung Stratosphere. The Stratosphere Sound Settings menu enables you to assign a phone ringtone for incoming calls, and then assign a different tone for all other notifications, including notifications for text messages. Note that the same notification tone will play not only for incoming SMS and MMS messages, but also for incoming email messages, pending voicemails, USB connections and event alerts. You can also assign different ringtones for incoming calls from contacts in your contact list.

Set Phone and Notification Ringtones

Tap the “Applications” icon in the Samsung Stratosphere home screen to open the Apps menu.

Tap the “Settings” option, and then tap the “Sound Settings” tab to open the Sound Settings menu.

Tap the “Phone Ringtone” option. Your ringtone list opens on the Stratosphere.

Tap a ringtone to preview the tone. To assign the tone, tap “OK.” The tone is assigned as the call ringtone.

Tap the “Notification Ringtone” option in the Sound Settings menu to open the ringtone list.

Tap a ringtone different from the one you assigned as the phone ringtone. The ringtone plays to enable you to preview the tone. Assign the desired tone by tapping “OK.” The tone is assigned as the notification ringtone.

Set Ringtone for Contact

Tap the “Applications” icon in the home screen of the Stratosphere to open the Application screen.

Tap the “Contacts” icon to open your contact list.

Tap a contact entry to open the contact’s detail screen.

Tap the “Edit” option on the contact detail screen. The Edit Contact screen opens.

Tap the “Ringtone” option, and then tap “Phone Ringtone” to assign a pre-installed ringtone, or tap “Sound" to select a sound from your audio library. The selected list opens.

Tap the desired ringtone, and then tap “OK.” The selected ringtone is assigned to the contact.


  • Information provided in this article pertains to the Samsung Stratosphere. Instructions may vary slightly or significantly for other Samsung devices.