How to Transfer My Contacts From Outlook to a Samsung Intercept

Gmail contact editing may be more efficient using your computer's Web browser.
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If you manage your contacts using Outlook, the software offers an effective tool for exporting the data in preparation for a transition to a new smartphone. Because Android devices like the Samsung Intercept rely on Google for data syncing, importing this contact information -- as well as other elements like calendars and bookmarks -- is done by entering and syncing your Gmail account in the device's main settings. Once synchronization is complete, your entire contact list will populate in your Intercept's Contacts app, with any changes made to the information instantaneously updated and immediately available using any device or browser.

1 Export Contacts from Outlook

2 Launch Outlook

Launch Outlook and click "File" followed by "Options" and then "Advanced."

3 Click Export

Click "Export" in the Export section and then select "Export to a File" in the Import and Export Wizard. Click "Next" to continue.

4 Select Comma Separated Values

Select "Comma Separated Values" as your desired export format, select the appropriate Contacts folder and then click "Next."

5 Click Browse and then choose the location

Click "Browse" and then choose the location where you would like the exported file saved on your computer. Enter a name for the file and click "OK."

6 Click Next

Click "Next," then "Finish" and then allow a few moments for Outlook to export your contact information.

7 Import into Gmail

8 Account you

Log in to the Gmail account you are using to sync your Samsung Intercept.

9 Click Gmail

Click "Gmail" at the top left corner and then select "Contacts."

10 Click More above the Contacts pane

Click "More" above the Contacts pane and select "Import...."

11 Click Choose File

Click "Choose File" and select the file you exported from Outlook. Click "Import" and allow Gmail a few moments to import and load the contacts into your account.

12 Sync Your Samsung Intercept

13 Navigate

Navigate to your smartphone's Home screen and press the "Menu" button.

14 Tap Settings and then Accounts

Tap "Settings" and then "Accounts." Select the Google account that you used to import your contacts list.

15 Tap Sync Contacts

Tap "Sync Contacts" and allow a few moments for the phone to synchronize with your Google data.

16 Press the Home button

Press the "Home" button and then launch the Contacts app to review your newly imported contacts list.

  • Information in this article applies to Samsung Intercept smartphones. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.

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