Best Things to Ask a New Friend

Ask simple questions to get to know your friend better.
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Talking to a new friend may be quite difficult as you may be nervous about what to say to gather more information about his life. Part of maintaining a new friendship is being a friend who is trustworthy and listens well, according to Geoffrey Greif, Ph.D., writing for "Psychology Today." Asking the right questions will be a way to show your new friend that you are an attentive listener and interested in knowing more about him.

1 Childhood Moments

Asking him about his life as a kid will give you a glimpse into what he was like before he met you and give you a background on him. Find out where his hometown is. Is he new to this location or did he grow up somewhere else? This will give you an opportunity to show him around town. Ask him about the type of family he has or grew up with to see if it's similar to your own. Is he an only child? Have siblings? Live with both parents? Inquire about why he was given his birth name. Is it relevant to his heritage or was he named after someone?

2 Favorite Activities

Finding out about the things she enjoys doing will help you find something in common with her. Ask her about her typical day on the weekend. Does she hang out at the mall or go to the movies? Perhaps, you can meet up with her to go there together. Find out if she is the outdoorsy type or tends to stay indoors. Would she rather go camping or cook up a storm in the kitchen? This will come in handy when planning a mutual activity to do. See if you can reveal if she is an introvert or extrovert. Does she like quiet activities in solitude or she can't have fun with out her best buddies?

3 Future Aspirations

If you met him at school or college, ask him about what he wants do with his life to reveal if he is goal-oriented. Does he plan to continue his education further? He may have several more years left at school if he plans to be a doctor or lawyer. Does he have a role model or a person who he looks up to? Perhaps, he wants to be a teacher and follow in the his father's footsteps. Ask him if he plans to live somewhere else for a semester. Will he consider studying aboard? Where and why? It will let you know if seeing other parts of the world is important to his learning process.

4 Personal Preferences

Thinking of specific personal questions to ask her will reveal insights into what kind of person she is. Ask her about her favorite foods. Does she prefer ice cream or would she rather eat soft pretzels? A person may be cooperative if she has a sweet tooth or easy going if she tends to like salty food, according to research shown in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Find out her favorite colors to see what it reveals about her. Does she like Blue? Purple? or Red? People who adore Blue are sensitive, Purple admirers are unique but can be arrogant and Red lovers live life to the fullest, according to the article, " What Does The Color You Choose Say About You?" by Dr. Bernardo Tirado, writing for "Psychology Today."

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