How to Cheer Up a Friend When She Is Bored

Take your bored friend on a beach trip for some excitement.
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Your close friend has a bout of the boredom blues and nothing seems to cheer her up at the moment. As her close friend, you just might be the ideal person to help lift her low spirits and cure her boredom woes. Plan something to do that is exciting and out of the ordinary to hold her interest, keep her busy and get her out of her rut.

1 Try Something New

Engage your friend in a new experience. Have her try an activity she has never done before to get out of the routine rut of her usual pastimes. Learning something new or working on a hobby can be an antidote to combating boredom, according to the "Psychology Today" article "Aspects of Adolescent Boredom" by psychologist Carl Pickhardt. Perhaps you can interest her in learning about your favorite pastime. Show her all the ins and outs of hip-hop dancing or soccer. Alternatively, you can find a free beginner's class for something she mentioned she is interested in to cheer her up. Accompany her to a sewing or violin lesson.

2 Let's Get Moving!

Exercise can help banish your friend's boredom. Physical activities have mood-boosting abilities and are a way to stay busy when you have time on your hands, according to the "Teens Health" article "Your Tips for Surviving Summer Break." Ask your friend to join you for aerobic exercises in hopes of putting her in a cheerful mood. Perhaps you both can head to a nearby nature park. Briskly walk or cycle around a trail. Or, you both can take advantage of the swimming pool at your local community center. See who can swim the fastest from one side of the pool to the other side.

3 Lend a Helping Hand

It may bring a smile to your friend's face and put her in cheerful spirits knowing that she is helping others in need. Volunteering helps to counteract boredom and works toward a social cause, Pickhardt explains. Find a local place where you can volunteer together. Perhaps you can both spend a day volunteering at a local animal shelter. Your friend may enjoy walking the dogs and playing with cats. Maybe you both can volunteer at a homeless shelter. Your friend can get busy serving up dinner for the less fortunate. Alternatively, ask your friend to join you to pick up litter at a local park.

4 You've Got a Friend in Me

Simply hanging out and having fun with your friend can be all she needs to cheer up. Many teens say being with friends is the ultimate boredom buster, according to "Teens Health." Find a place where you both can talk and laugh together. Perhaps you can treat her to the movies, go to a game center or grab a bite to eat at her favorite restaurant. If your friend is bored with all your usual hangout spots, maybe you can have her accompany you on a short trip to a place outside your neighborhood. Go to the beach or for an overnight camping trip.

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