Teacher Appreciation Poster Ideas

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Parents and students are grateful for their teachers' help during the entire school year, but sometimes it's nice to take a moment to show how much you appreciate your teacher. By making a teacher appreciation poster, you can surprise teachers with a warm reminder of your gratitude for all of their hard work.

1 Identification

Whenever you make a poster or display, you have to remember to keep the design simple so that it is eye-catching. The lettering can stand out from the background if it appears in a vastly different shade or pattern than the background. Finally, remember not to put too many words or photos on the poster so that it does not appear too busy or jumbled.

2 Just to Say Thank You

If you want to make a poster that expresses your general thanks to a teacher, you might consider a poster with handwritten letters on it, or with letters typed in a font that looks like handwriting. The poster would say: "If you can read this, thank a teacher." The background could be white, with multicolored letters, or you could design the poster to look like the words were written on a blackboard. You could also create a poster that had a report card in the background with all As. Then write on the poster: "Our teachers make the grade." These types of posters could be suitable for any teacher during any time of the year, especially during a school's teacher appreciation week.

3 To Say Thanks for Help With a Particular Project

If your teacher or teachers helped with the school fundraiser, you could draw a poster that had pieces of chalk on it and write: "The fundraiser was a success... chalk it up to your hard work." For teachers who helped organize the collection of canned goods or clothing, you might consider making a poster which states: "Because of you, winter will feel warmer for some local families."

4 To Thank Teachers of Certain Subjects

If you wish to thank a geography or astronomy teacher, you might make a poster with a globe on it and write: "You are out of this world!"

For an English teacher, you could write: "We (v.) you for all of your ___(adj.)_ work!"

To thank a teacher of chemistry, you might say: "You've got all the elements of a great teacher."

For a math teacher, try: "great+helpful+patient+kind = you. Thanks for being a wonderful teacher."

5 Considerations

It's best to design your poster on a smaller piece of paper so that you can see if all your lettering and design elements fit well together. After you have done that, remember to write everything on your poster directly in pencil first, so that you can avoid running out of room for words or photos. If you wish to attach something to the poster, consider using rubber cement since it allows for repositioning and removal of excess glue. In all, have fun while you make your teacher appreciation poster.

Elle Dugan is a writer and educator. She contributes articles on culture, education and parenting to several websites and magazines. She holds a master's degree in English.