Catchy Bulletin Board Ideas

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Do you often struggle to come up with catchy bulletin board ideas? The hardest part is determining a theme. Once you have a theme, come up with a title for your bulletin board. This will lead you to create a bulletin board that will make your classroom pop and catch your students' attention.

1 Shoot for the Moon

This motivational bulletin board will catch students' attention throughout the year and encourage them to do their best. To begin, cover your bulletin board with black paper or fabric. Make a rocket out of cardboard and cover it with brightly colored fabric or paper. Cut out several different sizes of stars from white construction paper. A rope light trailing from the rocket will make this bulletin board even more catchy. Sandwich the cord between two push pins to hold it on the board. Be careful not to puncture the cord. Use black fabric to hide the extension cord that makes the light work. Title your bulletin board "Shoot For The Moon -- Even If You Miss, You'll Land Among The Stars!"

2 Look Who's Poppin'!

A fun way to welcome students to your classroom is to use a popcorn theme. For this bulletin board, cover your board with black paper. You will need to create a large popcorn bag featuring your name in an oval on the front. To create a popcorn bag, get a red poster board and glue down white stripes. Make a white oval on the front for your name. Staple the popcorn bag to the bulletin board. Cut out white popcorn templates and add your students' names to the kernels. Attach these on top of the popcorn bag and around the bulletin board. Title your bulletin board, for example, "Look Who's Poppin' Into Second Grade!"

3 Batch of Smart Cookies

Your class will be a positive environment with this tasty bulletin board. Cover your bulletin board in aluminum foil or metallic background paper to look like a cookie sheet. To make the cookies, cut out circles from light brown construction paper. Use a black marker to create chocolate chips and write each child's name on a cookie. Line the cookies up on the bulletin board as if they were on a baking sheet. Title your bulletin board "A Batch of Smart Cookies" As the year progresses, you can swap the cookies for seasonal cut-out cookies such as pumpkins for fall and snowmen for winter.

4 Spring Poetree

In April, Americans celebrate "National Poetry Month." This spring bulletin board will encourage students to explore poetry throughout the month. Create a landscape on your bulletin board of the sky and grass. Make a bare tree and a few branches out of brown construction paper. Crumble the brown paper to create a more lifelike tree. Attach the tree trunk and branches to the bulletin board. Have students write their favorite poem on a flower cutout and attach these to the tree. Title your bulletin board "Our Class Poetree Picks."

Courtney Bartlett began writing professionally in 2009. She is currently a freelance writer for "The Mailbox Magazine." She also has been teaching elementary school since 2005. Bartlett holds a Bachelor of Arts in child development and learning from Maryville College. She also holds a Master of Science in elementary education from the University of Tennessee.