4-H Booth Ideas

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A 4-H booth lets club members display their hard work in public. Check with 4-H booth guidelines to ensure that you include mandatory items in your 4-H booth, including the display of the 4-H clover and the club name prominently displayed. With the 4-H criteria met, center your 4-H booth around a creative theme, since points are awarded for creativity and originality. Think of a slogan that goes with your theme and promotes 4-H. Let Chris Clover, the 4-H mascot, direct the show.

1 Up Up And Away

Incorporate a space theme in your 4-H booth for a display that is out of this world. Hang stars from the ceiling and cover paper stars with glitter. Make planets by covering balloons with paper mache and painting them different colors. You can build a spaceship using a tall box covered in aluminum foil or wrapping paper. Make the ground look like the surface of the moon with bubble wrap or newspaper painted white. Place the American flag and the 4-H flag on the surface of the "moon."

2 Baking For Success

Bake your way to a winning 4-H booth. Make the booth look like a kitchen by covering the walls in wallpaper and placing a kitchen table and chairs in the center of the booth. Place cookies or cakes on the table. Incorporate baking utensils such as spatulas and rolling pins. Display 4-H projects on cookie sheets. Make a refrigerator out of a large box and tape cloverleaf "magnets" onto the box. Take pictures of members of the 4-H club wearing a chef's hat and place them around the booth or next to their project.

3 Under the Sea

Dive into 4-H with an underwater booth. Cover the walls in blue cling wrap or paper to represent water. Cut out sea creatures such as fish, sharks, and crabs from construction paper and attach them to the walls. Create a 3-D octopus with a large balloon for the head and pieces of a hose to make the tentacles. Paint the octopus, give him googly eyes and let him hold a 4-H clover. Stick a 4-H flag in a pan of sand on the bottom of the ocean floor.

4 Down on the Farm

Get lassoed by 4-H with a western farm booth. Paint a mural of a farm scene complete with a fence, fields and a farmhouse. Staple the mural to the walls of the booth to create the back-drop. Show Chris Clover, the mascot, lassoing a giant 4-H with a rope that is suspended from the ceiling. Set up stuffed animals around the booth such as horses, cows and pigs. Take pictures of 4-H members wearing a cowboy hat and place them in the booth.

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