Service Ideas for Pastor Appreciation

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Though you can show appreciation to your pastor anytime, October is set aside as National Clergy Appreciation Month. This is a time for members of a religious congregation to show their support and appreciation for clergy through gifts or acts of service.

1 Appreciation Service suggests that leading members in the church can work with worship directors to organize a pastor appreciation service for the second Sunday of October, the traditional day for clergy appreciation. This not only gives the pastor a break from preparing and delivering a message, but it also allows the church body an opportunity to honor him with song, presentations, music and other demonstrations of support.

2 Banquet

Organizing a pastor appreciation lunch or dinner banquet is a way to celebrate your pastor while providing a great meal experience for her. You can more fully honor your pastor by inviting community dignitaries and the pastor's family. At the event, church leaders or other members can share messages or personal stories that honor the pastor's leadership and her commitment to the church.

3 Yard Work

Perhaps your pastor is so busy taking care of the church's needs that he has let his yard go or would simply appreciate some volunteer lawn care. In many parts of the country, October means falling leaves. You can offer to rake the lawn and assist with any other fall yard work at your pastor's home.

4 Decorate the Church

One of the best ways to honor your pastor is to make her feel special about her work environment and to remind all church members to recognize her work. Decorate your church with balloons, ribbon and posters honoring the pastor. For a good wall display, arrange pictures of her involvement in aspects of running the church in a montage.

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