How to Create an Entertaining Advertisement for a School Project

Making an advertisement for a school project is easier than it seems. The key aims of any advertisement are the same: show something in its best light and make people want it and produce an entertaining advertisement that people will remember. This maximizes the chances of people being interested in the advertised product, whether it is a project, an item or a performance. Here are some key tips for creating an entertaining advertisement.

Choose a color scheme for the advertisement. This will give the whole advertisement a professional look. You could choose shades of the same color or colors that coordinate such as red, blue and white. Consider if the project has any related colors which should be used in the color scheme.

Create a catchy headline or motto for the board. Use word alliteration or rhymes if possible to make sure the motto is memorable. Try to keep it to a few words because longer mottos can be more difficult to remember.

Summarize key information about the project. Do this in as few words as possible while still making the information clear. For example, if the project is a presentation, state where and when it is happening, the entry costs, who is involved and how to get tickets. Large amounts of text can be confusing and off-putting.

Choose a color to cover the advertisement board in. Do this as neatly as possible. Choose a different color to produce a border, if necessary.

Choose a font and color for the motto. The motto should be clear and large enough to read from a distance, and it preferably should be on one line. Place this in a few areas on the board to see where it fits best. Along the top or the middle are popular positions.

Choose a font and color for the key information. While this still needs to stand out, it should be less noticeable than the motto, which needs to be seen first. Print this and place it around the motto.

Find pictures or photographs relevant to the project and use them to decorate the board.

Finish the advertisement with any extra items you wish to add. This could include ribbons or glitter.

  • Think about where to place the advertisement. It needs to attract your target market. For example, an advertisement aimed at parents could be placed in reception or on the playground.
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