How to Create a Winning Display Board for a Social Studies Fair

Your research should be displayed as part of your social studies project.

A display board is a key component to a winning social studies project. The display board should show all of the research that was completed for the project and follow all of the dimension guidelines as described for your project. Additionally, it should be easy to read and understand. The display board is the opportunity to bring the social studies project to life. Some contests allow you to include items such as dioramas as part of the display inside the display board dimensions.

Gather the information that you have researched for your social studies project. Be sure to include any pictures or samples of handiwork that you collected while doing your research.

Determine the theme of your project. For example, you may be focused on how the economics of a region affected its cultural development, or you may be focused on a particular time period in history.

Choose the key points that you want to highlight on your display board. These points should correspond to the key points written in the paper portion of your project.

Draw a sample layout including the pictures and text you want to include on the display board. This allows you to create a better-designed poster because you can adjust the features as necessary. If you are including extra display information such as a diorama or another display items, be sure that it does not block important texts.

Create the poster. Choose a background color that compliments the text colors. Mount the photos, graphs and charts on colored paper so that they stand out on the display board.

  • Be sure that the text is large enough to easily read from about five feet away.
  • Break up the text with drawings or actual photographs related to the research you have completed.
  • You can include multimedia elements in your display using a small portable DVD player or an MP3 player. This can include things such as tribal chants, videos of festivals or a video you created about the project. Be sure to check the guidelines for your specific contest before you create these items so that you create them in the correct format.
  • A diorama is another great addition to a winning display board. It can recreate a typical village or town of the time period you are studying.

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