When your gluteus maximus is actually rather minimalist, a well-chosen bathing suit will help you appear curvier in the back than you actually are. The right styles, shapes and embellishments trick the eye into seeing a booty that isn't really there, leaving you free to frolic rather than worry about your appearance.

Dealing With a Tiny Hiney

To make your backside look curvier than it really is, choose a bathing suit that has ruffles, fringes or gatherings on the bottom to add size and volume. A suit with a skirt on the bottom will create the same illusion. Large, bold and brightly colored patterns trick the eye, adding visual volume. Women with a smaller posterior should avoid boy shorts.

Double Vision

While one-piece suits are usually considered a safe bet, always consider buying a two-piece suit. This allows you to buy a different size on the bottom than the to keep the suit from being too tight on the top and sagging on the bottom. Combine two pieces that work well for you; focus on fit, even if they are not the same size or color.