What Kind of Swimsuit Looks Good on an Hourglass Figure?

Marilyn Monroe, known for her classic hourglass figure, shows it off in a bra-inspired suit.
... L. J. Willinger/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Women with an hourglass figure have a great body type for swimwear – perfectly proportioned curves and a small, very well-defined waistline are fantastic features to highlight with a cute swimsuit. Whether you choose a one- or two-piece suit, look for styles that provide adequate support for your bust.

1 Supportive Tops

Hourglass-shaped women generally have a medium- to large-size bust, which means proper support is necessary in a swimming suit top. Look for a halter-style bikini top with a wide band underneath the bustline or a bra-inspired style with an underwire. If you opt for a one-piece suit, look for one with a hidden underwire that will discreetly provide the necessary support. Thick straps on a one-piece suit also help to give additional support.

2 Coordinated Separates

Although it can be fun to mix and match swimming suit separates, hourglass-figured gals should stick with pieces that match or that are in the same color family. Doing so will help create a streamlined look that flatters your curves.

3 Patterns and Colors

If your curves are on the large side, choose a suit in a dark hue, which has a minimizing effect. If you opt for a patterned suit, look for smaller patterns, which will flatter your curves. A large pattern or bold, bright colors make your hips and bust appear to be larger than they actually are.

Katherine Mitt has been contributing to online publications since 2009, focusing primarily on fashion and style topics. She holds a B.A. in English from a small liberal arts school.