A ruffled bikini helps create curves by visually enhancing the bust and hips.

Make swimsuit shopping an enjoyable experience by learning what styles and design details flatter your boyish frame. Women with a straight or boyish shape can celebrate their naturally small curves by wearing a teeny string bikini, or can choose a suit that creates the illusion of a more shapely figure.

Curve-Enhancing Details

To enhance your naturally small curves, look for bathing suits with bra-inspired tops. Features, like padding or an underwire, give you the appearance of a larger bustline, as do other details like ruching, ruffles and bright colors or patterns. A one-piece swimsuit with cut-outs along the sides -- sometimes called a monokini -- helps create more of an hourglass figure by drawing attention to your waistline.

Celebrate Small Curves

Women with a boyish shape can enjoy wearing slinky swimsuit styles that don’t always work well for curvier ladies who need a little extra support. Flirty string bikini bottoms or bandeau-style swimsuits, for example, work on your body like a charm.