How to Get Snapchat on Kindle Fire HD

Receive Snapchat messages on a Kindle Fire HD.
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The Kindle Fire uses the Android operating system but doesn't include the Google Play Store, instead offering the Amazon App Store as an alternative. The Amazon App Store offers a limited selection of Android programs, lacking many titles included in the Play Store, such as Snapchat. To install Snapchat on a Kindle Fire, you must install a third-party application store.

1 Amazon App Store Alternatives

Many alternative software stores are available for the Kindle Fire, but as of January 2014, only 1Mobile Market offers Snapchat. Before installing this program, you must enable your device to install software from unknown sources by tapping “Settings,” choosing “Applications” and turning on the “Apps From Unknown Sources” option. Download 1Mobile Market by visiting the website from your Kindle Fire's browser and tapping the “Download” link on the home page (link in Resources). The installation doesn't require your device to be rooted.

2 Install Snapchat on Your Kindle Fire HD

1Mobile Market works the same way as the Amazon App Store, except that you must launch it from your Apps menu instead of tapping “Shop” in the menu bar. Tap “Apps,” select “1Mobile Market” and use the search box to search for Snapchat. Select “Snapchat” from the search results and tap “Install” to download it to your device. Since Snapchat isn't designed to work with the Kindle Fire, its functionality is limited. For example, you can't receive notifications of incoming messages, but all new messages are displayed when you refresh your inbox. The camera preview may appear distorted, but captured images and video are correctly displayed in sent messages.

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