How Can I Put a Ringback on My Droid?

Play a rotating selection of ringbacks for callers by creating a jukebox.
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A ringback tone is a song or sound clip that a caller hears instead of a dial tone when you receive a phone call. Because the Motorola Droid connects to the Verizon cellular network, Droid ringback tones are available from the Verizon website or the Verizon Tones handset application. Your Verizon account includes a section called My Ringback Tones that holds up to 100 sounds that can be assigned to 25 different callers. By creating a ringback tone rukebox you can play a different sound each time you receive a call.

1 From Your Droid

2 Launch Verizon Tones

Launch Verizon Tones by tapping “All Apps” and choosing “Verizon Tones.” If you don't already have this program, install it by tapping “Play Store,” selecting the “Verizon” tab and choosing “Verizon Tones.” After installing the program, tap “Open” to launch it.

3 Search for ringback tones

Search for ringback tones by selecting the “Search” box and entering an artist or song title. View available downloads by selecting a song from the search results and tapping the “Ringback Tones” tab. The price is displayed next to the track name.

4 Tap the price

Tap the price to download a ringback tone. The sound file is stored in your Verizon account so it doesn't take up space on your Droid. After setting a default ringback tone, the song plays over the Verizon network when you receive calls.

5 Choose a default ringback

Choose a default ringback by tapping “Manage Ringback Tones” and choosing “My Ringback Tones.” Choose a song from the list of ringbacks you own and tap “Set as Default.” Alternatively, assign the ringback to a contact by tapping “Assign to Contact” and choosing a name from your list of contacts. Your selected contact hears this ringback while other callers hear your default tone.

6 From the Verizon Website

7 Visit the Verizon Media Store

Visit the Verizon Media Store and sign in to your account (link in Resources). The Media Store is Verizon's alternative to Google's Play Store and contains many Android applications and games as well as ringtones and ringback tones only available from Verizon.

8 Select the Ringback Tones

Select the “Ringback Tones” tab to see a list of new and popular ringbacks. Choose a ringback from the menu or click “Jukeboxes” to browse song collections sold in bundles. Alternatively, point the cursor to the “Search” menu, choose “Ringbacks” and enter a song or artist name in the Search field.

9 Add a ringback to your collection

Add a ringback to your collection by clicking “Buy Ringback Tone.” After making your purchase, choose a default ringback by pointing the cursor to “Manage” and choosing “My Ringback Tones.” Drag a song or jukebox to the My Default section of your account page. The changes take effect right away.

  • Add ringbacks to a jukebox by opening the Verizon Tones application on your Droid and tapping “Manage Ringback Tones.” Choose “My Jukeboxes” and tap “Create New Jukebox.” Select up to 15 songs from the list of ringbacks you own and tap “OK.” Set the jukebox as default by choosing “My Settings” and tapping “Set as Default.” The ringbacks rotate in order so that a song never plays twice in a row.

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