Being able to see your high school graduation pictures can make the difference between purchasing your keepsakes and retaking your pictures at a local photography studio. Many high schools use the Josten Company to take high school graduation pictures at the beginning of senior year and during graduation. After each event, you can see your pictures on a notice sent to you by mail or through the Internet.

After taking your graduation pictures, the photographers from Jostens will send you proofs of the pictures, package prices and a user name and password. Keep this information so that you will be able to look at your pictures closely. The proofs in the mailed letter are small, so they are hard to see in detail.

Access the Jostens website (see Resources) and then click the "Sign In" link on the right side of the webpage. Enter the user name and password into the provided areas and then press "Login."

Click on your graduation pictures to have a better look at them. The pictures are the same as the printed proofs, but you can click on each picture to reveal a larger, more detailed photo.