In What Season Do I Wear Linen Clothing?

Selena Gomez's white linen shorts are perfect for summer.
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Typically, linen is regarded as a summer fabric. This lightweight woven cloth often comes in light colors, making it ideal for summer’s hottest afternoons. However, you can extend the life of your linen, as it's suitable for both fall and spring.

1 Warm-Weather Linen

Because it’s so thin and breathable, linen is the perfect fabric to wear on the hottest days of summer. However, it’s also perfectly appropriate for the springtime, as well as for tropical, warm-weather vacations year-round. If you wear linen in cooler spring climates, stay comfortable by layering with a lightweight cardigan or jacket.

2 Fall Linen

Slightly heavier linen blends -- linen-rayon, for example -- are able to be worn in the fall, particularly if you live in an area where autumn weather remains fairly moderate. If you choose to wear linen in the fall, stick to garments in darker colors -- navy, black, khaki and brown are great fall options. Rock beige linen-blend shorts with a T-shirt and black boyfriend blazer; pair the shorts with dark tights and ankle booties for a seamless summer-to-fall transition.

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