Romantic Telephone Conversation Ideas

Plan romantic date night agendas with your sweetie over the phone.
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When you and your sweetie are unable to be in each other's presence, plan to stay close by communicating over the phone. A physical kiss or hug is obviously impossible, but interesting conversations can make you feel like you are both right beside each other. Romantic topics can keep your conversations going as well as keep your relationship strong.

1 Back to the Beginning

Talk about the first time you met and discuss what attracted you both to each other. Perhaps your girlfriend's bright smile captured your attention or your guy's great sense of humor kept you laughing. Remind each other of the moment when you both knew you would make a compatible couple. Maybe you could not stop thinking about each other. Additionally, discuss significant first time moments in your relationship and what you still hold close to your hearts. Talk about all the details of your first kiss and first date.

2 Your Future Dates

Plan out your next date nights over the phone. Suggest romantic date ideas to each other. Think of new restaurants you both can try, such as the new Italian spot everyone is raving about or the grill that just opened by a world renowned chef. Discuss the different types of fun entertainment you both could enjoy for the evening. Perhaps your boyfriend wants to try miniature golf with you while you want to go ice skating with him.

3 What I Like About You

Describe personality characteristics you adore about each other and how they improve your relationship. Be specific about the admired qualities. Maybe you can tell your boyfriend how his caring nature is what helped you through your grandparent's death. Perhaps you can tell your girlfriend how her expertise in math helped you to pass your final exam. Additionally, discuss any little quirks about each other that make you smile, such as the way she twirls her hair or how he laughs at the littlest things.

4 You're as Pretty As...

Think of physical features you like about each other and take turns complimenting each other's traits. Compliments are usually mood-boosting for the giver and receiver, explains Dr. Alice Boyes, Ph.D in her "Psychology Today" article, " 5 Ways to Give a Compliment." Maybe you both can use comparisons to aspects of nature. You can tell your girlfriend how her beauty reminds you of a sunset or a flower. Tell your boyfriend that his dark eyes remind you of the midnight sky.

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