What Is a Flirty Way to Say Goodnight to a Crush?

Surprise your crush with a goodnight phone call.
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It is getting late and you want to bid your crush a good night's rest in a flirty way but you may be a little tongue-tied. Some people feel strange and unable to remember what to say when they see their crush, suggests the Kids Health website. Plan a creative way to say goodnight to let your crush know you are interested in being more than just a friend.

1 Global Good Night

Impress your crush with a flirty goodnight in a foreign language he is studying or in which he is fluent. Even if you mess up a little, your crush may think it is cute for your effort. Perhaps you could show off your skills by saying, "Good night, handsome" in Spanish -- which translates to "Buenas noches, guapo." Maybe you can tell him in French, by saying "Bonne nuit, mon beau," or even in Italian -- "Buona notte, bello."

2 Aspects of Night

Compare your crush's physical features to the nighttime setting. Encourage your crush to look up at the sky before her head hits the pillow. You could say, "The twinkling stars in the night sky remind me of your pretty eyes" or "The glowing moon reminds me of your beautiful smile." To make your crush feel extra special, compare her to something distinctive in the sky. You could say, "Just like the brightest star above, you stand out from the rest; I think you are the prettiest girl I ever laid eyes on."

3 Dream About Me

Let your crush know that you want to be on his mind as he slumbers; this subtle hinting may encourage him to ask you for a date. Flirting is a primary step in pursuing a date with someone, asserts psychologist Sean M. Horan on "Psychology Today" online. You could say, "Good night. I hope you'll be dreaming about me tonight" or "Have sweet dreams about you and me." Tell your crush goodnight in a comical way by saying, "Try not to have too many dreams about me tonight."

4 Sing You to Sleep

If you are vocally skilled, belt out a soft song to wish your crush a good night's sleep. Maybe you can impress your crush with an original song that you wrote or sing a few lyrics from a nighttime or dream-themed song. Consider "Dreaming of You," by Selena, with the lyrics, "Late at night when all the world is sleeping I stay up and think of you." Or, "Sweet Dreams," by Beyonce, with the lyrics, "You could be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare, either way I don't wanna wake up from you."

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