Cute Sayings to Say Goodnight to Your Man

Tell him you hope you are a part of his dreams.
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Before your head hits the pillow tonight, wish your man a goodnight. No matter how angry or happy you are with your significant other, saying "Good night" to him every night will tell him that you are still interested in being with him, according to Dr. Mark Goulston, in his Psychology Today website article "10 Habits of Happy Couples." Adopt a cute saying to bid your man goodnight, and he will be drifting off to Dreamland in no time.

1 Sweet Dreams About You

Tell your boyfriend goodnight in a flirtatious way by letting him know that he will be on your mind as you slumber. You could say, "Goodnight. I'll be dreaming about your handsome face" or "Sweet Dreams, my love. I'll be dreaming about you until I can embrace you again." Additionally, let him know you want to be on his mind and tell him you want to be apart of his dreams as well. You could say, "Goodnight. Try not to dream too much about me" or "Sweet Dreams. I hope you will be dreaming about me."

2 Goodnight International Style

If your guy is studying abroad or learning a new language, impress him by saying goodnight in a foreign language. Master the accent to make it sound romantic. Perhaps he is away in Paris; you could say "Bonne Nuit, mon amour," which is "Goodnight, my love" in French. Maybe he is fascinated with the Italian language. You could say, "Buona notte, Bello," which is "Goodnight, Handsome" in Italian. Or tell him "Goodnight, my prince" in Spanish by saying, "Buenas Noches, mi príncipe."

3 Up Above in the Sky

Compare your relationship to aspects of the nighttime sky to say goodnight to your man. Encourage him to look up at the sky with you. You could say, "While you are sleeping tonight, remember my love for you goes far beyond the moon, stars and the sky" or "Doesn't the white glowing moon remind you of the bright smile I have when we are together? Think of this as you rest tonight." Or tell him, "Sleep well and look for that shooting star tonight to wish for a bright future for me and you."

4 Counting Down Goodnight

Say goodnight by reminding your guy of all the positive traits you adore about him. Focus on positive things before going to sleep, according to the Oregon State University website article "15 Ways To Get A Good Night's Sleep" by psychologist Bert H. Epstein. Plan a personalized goodnight countdown to describe the things you love about him and continue saying them until you hear him snoring. You could say, "Goodnight, Handsome Prince," "Goodnight, Smarty Pants," "Goodnight, All-Star Athlete," "Goodnight, My Funny Guy" and so on.

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