How to Put Icons in One File Box on an iPhone

Creating folders on your iPhone will help organize your home screen.
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If you want to clean up the home screen on your iPhone, you can group application icons together in folders. Folders can contain any combination of apps you want to include, but for ease of accessibility it's best to keep related apps together. You can add or remove apps from a folder at any point if you've recently downloaded or need to delete one. Each folder created can hold nine icons per page, and each folder can contain multiple pages. You need to combine at least two apps to create a folder.

1 Create a Folder

2 Click and hold the icon

Click and hold the icon of an app until all the icons on your home page start to wiggle.

3 Pick two apps

Pick two apps that you'd like to group in one folder and drag one of the icons on top of the other. You'll see a gray folder appear behind the two apps. Let go of the icon to create the folder.

4 Click the title

Click the title at the top of the folder to rename it or make changes. Click "Done" to save the changes.

5 Click the Home button on your iPhone

Click the "Home" button on your iPhone to complete the process. The icons will stop moving.

6 Add Icons to a Folder

7 Click and hold the icon you'd like to add to a folder that's already been created

Click and hold the icon you'd like to add to a folder that's already been created. The icons on your home screen will start to wiggle.

8 Drag the icon

Drag the icon into the folder and release it to add it. You can rearrange the icons within the folder by clicking and dragging them to any position you like.

9 Click the Home button

Click the Home button on your iPhone to complete the process.

  • Clicking the "X" on the top left of an icon will permanently delete the app.
  • You can rename a folder by clicking and holding on the folder. Click on the title to make changes with the keyboard. If you want to remove an app from a folder, click and hold the icon and drag it back to your home screen.

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