On the home screen of an iPhone or other iOS device, you get to see all the stock iOS apps and all the other applications that you've installed on your phone. The stock iOS clock app shows up there, taking up space for other apps and giving you exactly the same information as the clock in the status bar or on the lock screen. You can use a trick in iOS 7 to temporarily remove the iOS clock icon from your home screen, but it won't be uninstalled from your iPhone.

Step 1

Create a folder on your iPhone's home screen with at least one app in it.

Step 2

Move the "Clock" app to the iOS dock at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3

Completely fill your home screen with app icons. If you have multiple pages of apps, move some of them onto the home screen page to fill it.

Step 4

Press and hold on the clock icon while double-pressing the home button to open the task switcher.

Step 5

Tap on the home screen to return to it. Tap on the folder on your home screen and then tap outside the folder to return to the home screen.

Step 6

Press the home button again and the Clock app will be removed from your home screen. As soon as you reboot your iPhone the Clock app will reappear. You can access the clock app by using Searchlight to locate and open it.


  • You can use this method to remove any app icon or even an entire folder of app icons.