How to Skype People at Two Different Locations

Skype enables both voice and video group calls.
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Skype has long been popular for one-on-one calls, but it also comes with group calling capabilties. When you initiate a group call, you can create a single call for people in two or more locations, without paying expensive conference calling fees or fussing with confusing phone lines. With Skype's advanced VoIP technology, group calls can include computers, mobile devices, landlines and mobile phones.

1 Starting a Voice Call

If you want to Skype with people using only voice, you can add up to 25 different people to a call. To call people on other Skype accounts, the process is free; if you want to add a mobile or a landline number, you'll need Skype credit. With Skype open, click on the "Create a group" icon. Choose the two people you want to call from your list of contacts and drag them over to the group window. Click "Add people" and "Call group" to start the call.

2 Calling Two People via Video

A group video call has different requirements; at least one person in the call must have Skype Premium, and each person must have a webcam and the latest version of Skype. A group video call must be initiated from a computer running OS X or Windows. For a three-way video call, each participant's device must have a minimum of 512MB of memory. Video calls are initiated the same way as voice calls; after you add people to the group, click the "Video call" button.

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