How to Add Pictures to the iPad Without Deleting the Previous Ones

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The iPad can hold both photos you've taken using the device itself and photos you've synced to it. The process works a bit counter-intuitively, however. Syncing photos from a folder to your iPad for the first time is easy enough, but if you do it a second time with a different folder the photos you originally synced will be deleted. The issue is that you can only sync photos from any one folder at a time -- if you don't want previously-synced photos to be deleted, you'll need to keep them in the folder you synced and place any other photos you want to sync in that folder as well.

1 Copy all photos

Copy all photos you want to sync to a single folder, including ones you've previously synced. If you want, you can create sub-folders inside that one folder to keep the photos organized -- each folder will be an album on the iPad.

2 Connect your iPad to your computer and

Connect your iPad to your computer and, if it doesn't open automatically, launch iTunes.

3 Click the iPad button

Click the "iPad" button in iTunes and select the "Photos" tab. Ensure the "Sync Photos From" option is enabled and select "Choose Folder" from the drop-down menu. Select the folder you created in Step 1.

4 Click Apply to start the sync process

Click "Apply" to start the sync process.

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