VLC media player can play back videos in most formats and not just on your computer -- the VLC for iOS app brings the power of the media player to your iPad. To see what the video player can do, you must first add some videos to its playlist. You can do this from iTunes or via Wi-Fi using your Web browser. Transferring videos over a wired connection generally will be faster than moving the same videos over a wireless connection.

Step 1

Launch iTunes on your computer, and then connect the iPad to your computer via the USB cable supplied with the device.

Step 2

Select your iPad from the Devices section, click the "Apps" tab and then select "VLC" from the File Sharing section.

Step 3

Click the "Add" button, select the videos using the built-in file browser and then click "Choose" to add them to the VLC Documents list. To select several videos, hold "Ctrl" and click each file.